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Revision Joint Replacement Surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Revision joint replacements are often a more complicated surgery, the reason is formation of scar tissue, loss of normal bone, and difficulty removing implants that are not loose. The risks associated with revision joint replacement are similar to a standard joint replacement.

Revision Joint Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Prior to performing best revision joint replacement surgery doctor in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, Dr. Tejas Gandhi would conduct number of different tests to evaluate the implants. It is important to know if the implants are loose or well fixed to the bone, if there is any chance of infection in the joint, and the condition of the bone around the implants. In addition, Dr. Tejas Gandhi also uses special equipment at the time of revision joint replacement surgery. At Arihant, the success rate of Revision joint replacement surgery, Top Knee Replacement Surgeon Ahmedabad is very high.

Revision knee & hip replacement surgeon Ahmedabad, Gujarat