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Joint Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan

Best Joint Replacement Surgeon/Doctor/Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Why to choose us for joint replacement surgery?

On behalf of The Total Joint Center at Arihant Hospital, and our expert doctors, nurses and other professionals, we would like to welcome you – and thank you for choosing us for your total joint surgery. Our goal is to ensure the highest standards of medicine – and a high quality experience for you. We are committed to serving you as well and help you become an active partner in your health care. We will do everything we possibly can to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. Dr. Tejas Gandhi is a specialist surgeon for elbow joint, major surgery like knee joint, hip joint, shoulder joint and ankle joint surgery at a very affordable rate.

You will get important medications and service to prepare you for your surgery. If you have further questions about your surgery, and Best Joint Replacement Surgeon Ahmedabad, please call us at (079) 6541-2005. Once again, thank you for choosing us for your emergency orthopaedic urgent care.

Three of Our Unique Points

1. Our Min/Max Approach

Sr.No. Minimal Approach Maximum Approach
1 Minimum Stay Maximum Knee Range of Movement
2 Minimum Incision Maximum Durability of Joint
3 Minimum Post Operation Rehabilitation Maximum activity to patient
4 Minimum Physio Maximum Satisfaction like Natural Knee
5 Minimum Pain
6 Minimum Blood Loss
7 At par Minimum Cost


(A) Personalized Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis by operating surgeons himself.

(B) Personalized Patient Care,

  • As providing individual Nursing Staff for each patient.

(C) Personalized Operative Technique

  • The Technique which suits for the patient.

(D) Personalized Fitting Implant for More Natural Knee

3. Corporate Facility At Nursing Cost

Bring To The Hospital

  • Your cane or crutches, if needed
  • Eyeglasses – not contact lenses
  • Dentures/hearing aid. A container will be provided for these, which you should keep on your bedside table or in a drawer – not on the bed or a food tray.
  • A list of your medications, including the ones you have recently stopped taking at your surgeon’s request
  • Important telephone numbers
  • Small amount of cash – for newspapers, etc.
  • A book, magazine, or hobby item for relaxation

Do Not Bring To The Hospital

  • Medications – unless asked by your surgeon
  • Valuables – jewelry, large amounts of cash, credit cards

Note: All hospital staff members respect your property rights, but we cannot guarantee security for your personal property

How much does a joint replacement cost?

According to the analysis, the average cost or price of total joint replacement surgery is 1.5 lakh to 2.5 lakh. But its totally depends on joint implants and period of hospitalization.